Aisling Consultancy is a UK based professional People Development Consultancy which offers specialist, bespoke solutions to employers who are dedicated to developing their people. The word aisling (pronounced ash-ling) is Gaelic for 'vision'. We recognise that all employers have their own unique vision and we work hand in hand with employers in achieving their vision through quantifying performance gaps and providing tailored solutions.


"Aisling Consultancy deliver top class training to our managers" Peter Coley

Testimonials from professionals who have worked with Aisling Consultancy in the past are as follows:

I had the great fortune of working with Aisling Consultancy Ltd and Louise Charlton as the incoming General Manager of Ackergill Tower in Wick which is part of the Clarenco LLP group. The Tower had been suffering from low turnover and loss that came as a direct result.  The sales office was disorganised with no systems or procedures in place and the approach to incoming enquiries was slow and inefficient.  With the funding of Making the Right Connections, we secured the services of Aisling Consultancy over a six month period and very quickly Louise identified the key issues and produced a strategy to provide the remedy to these issues.  This proved to be extremely effective and resulted in immediate sales growth and a new sense of ownership & focus was adopted by my sales team.  Louise carried out a programme of individual and group
training & development for my team. Louise is extremely knowledgeable in Hotel sales management and her approach results in a well motivated, trained and focussed team.  I cannot recommend Aisling Consultancy enough and will use their services again in the future.  (Nigel Bird, General Manager, Ackergill Tower)

“Aisling Consultancy is a truly professional training company with extensive knowledge in their areas of expertise; they have a warm and approachable manner and first rate training skills. Their ability to build rapport with and advance the learning of their training groups is second to none making them a dream to work with and valuable tutors for any student.” (Matt Collins, Recruitment & Training Manager, Chance UK)

“Aisling Consultancy deliver top class training to our managers, they have an excellent ability to understand the objectives of our organisation and tailor suitable workshops in line with our business plan.  Courses are innovative and engaging and we have seen a significant improvement in the performance of our managers which has also filtered down throughout the organisation and ultimately improved the service we deliver to our clients.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Aisling Consultancy to any organisation that is looking to improve the performance of their managers.” (Peter Coley, Head of Learning & Development, St Mungo’s) 

Aisling Consultancy have delivered an excellent quality leadership programme for our organisation.  The trainers are well skilled and knowledgable in their fields and enthuse and encourage motivation from learners.  The training is interactive, participative and encourages all learners of varying styles to learn.  Focus on Action Planning is crucial to our organisation and Aisling has been instrumental in working with us in order to support our needs and evaluate the effectiveness of the learning and creating the expectation that learning must be applied in the workplace.  The leadership programme met our needs and follow on support for the learners and the organisation has been first class.  Our Managers have been very complimentary and impressed with the level of customer service received.” (Justin Barrett, Learning & Development Manager, Terrence Higgins Trust)


Comments from delegates who have attended courses or workshops delivered by Aisling Consultancy are as follows:

ILM Level 3 Award: “The tutor on this course was informed and professional and was enthusiastic about both the training content and about working with us as a group. As a result I found the course not only helpful for my own professional development but also highly enjoyable. The training was interactive, well structured and the feedback on assignments was focussed and concise. As a trainer and consultant myself I would gladly work with Aisling Consultancy and would strongly recommend them to anyone else.” (Sam – Strategy and Leadership Manager) 

Solving Problems & Making Effective Decisions:  “The tutor was very knowledgeable and the course was engaging, I am definately seeing the benefits in my working practices.  I would definately recommend this course to anyone responsible for managing people where decision making and problem solving are core competencies”.  (Sarah – Project Manager)

ILM Level 3 Award:   “This qualification has provided me with a really comprehensive overview of both management and leadership. I feel I’ve learnt a lot, but this course has equally given me the urge to learn more. The debates and interactive exercises were both engaging and really interesting, whilst explanations and the choices of supportive anecdotes just made the whole course feel like an incredible learning experience.”  (Edwin – Centre Manager)

One-to-One Communication: ” This workshop really supported and developed my practice; rather than using specific management models, this really encouraged reflection, which is a great skill to integrate into everyday work and has helped me to improve the overall effectiveness and quality of my work.  The workshop was innovatively facilitated and provided a great atmosphere for question asking and exploration”.  (Erika – Regional Health Coordinator)

Leadership:  The trainer’s style of encouraging different viewpoints, her infinite patience, simplicity with which she explained concepts, use of different exercises and games, and her method of constant interaction by challenging the trainees to think outside the box kept everyone engaged and fostered an environment of learning. (Babli – Director)