Aisling Consultancy is a UK based professional People Development Consultancy which offers specialist, bespoke solutions to employers who are dedicated to developing their people. The word aisling (pronounced ash-ling) is Gaelic for 'vision'. We recognise that all employers have their own unique vision and we work hand in hand with employers in achieving their vision through quantifying performance gaps and providing tailored solutions.

Leadership & Team Building

"Teamwork is no accident. It is the by-product of good leadership." John Adair


Team Work


We firmly believe that walking the talk is a must for any leader; in order to instigate and successfully deliver change in an organisation, the actions of the leader must illustrate their words.

The way in which you lead and develop your people can be the difference between success and failure. Understanding your people can make the job of the leader a great deal easier, solutions such as Psychometric Profiling can be utilised to facilitate this understanding.

Whilst often disregarded as a ‘soft & fluffy’ approach to management, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is proven to be 3 times more likely to predict career success than IQ.

Leadership & Team Solutions include…

Leadership development comes in countless forms; get in touch to discuss the potential of working in partnership with Aisling Consultancy to develop your leaders and deliver long term, sustainable solutions for your business.